Welcome to Uganda's Most Reliable Engineering Laboratory, Geotechnical Engineering and Technology Laboratory (GETLAB). We guarantee COST EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE, TIMELY and TECHNICALLY JUSTIFIED information that is crucial for material quality control / compliance, monitoring and Front End Engineering Design (FEED).

Why Choose GETLAB?

GETLAB takes pride in being able to meet the growing demand for testing prompted by all the major works under construction (highways, dams, embarkments, bridges, rail & structures) and new requirements like antiseismic construction. We share the joy of our customers when feasible engineering solutions are found.

Testing Equipment

Besides our dedicated team of engineers, we have modern equipment to conduct most civil and geotechnical engineering tests. Most of our equipment are digital and regularly calibrated by an independent regulatory agency, the Uganda National Bureau of Standards. This ensures that we provide our clients with reliable and accurate results.

Testing Standards

GETLAB owns original copies of the recent versions of various national and international standards:

  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Standards;
  • British Standards;
  • South African National Standards (SANS);
  • Uganda Standards

Futured Works

Recent News


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